Hi, I'm Paul

About me

I know that in a world of tight deadlines and fast-paced productions, you need to capture that perfect shot first time. Whether that be a one-off build or general views of a location.

My goal is to hold on to that fleeting moment in time, forever immortalizing it in timelapse. To not only showcase your subject, but do so in a captivating way.

For me, timelapse is about capturing the invisible. It is about showcasing events that are normally invisible to the naked eye. The way traffic flows through a city, how the colours change in a sunset, the way weather patterns develop, and so much more. My aim is to create footage that makes people stop and pause and realise we live in an incredible world.

You might not realise at first glance, but there is a lot of science behind timelapse. From understanding the way the sun moves through the sky, compensating for exposure changes mid-sequence, to calculating the perfect timelapse length.. there is a lot to think about. My background is in engineering, and my brain thrives off complicated challenges. For me, timelapse is that beautiful balance between creatity and science.

Upon initial contact, we’ll discuss your project in detail so I can understand exactly what it is that you require. Next, I’ll undertake all the planning and scouting required to capture the perfect timelapse for you.

You won’t need to worry about how I capture things, as I will take the hard work out of it for you. I can work from as little instruction as “go shoot some general views of the city, and make it look nice”, to working as part of the crew on set capturing specific angles dictated by the director.

I have spent countless hours refining my craft so that you don’t need to worry about that all-important sequence being missed. In my eyes, failure is not an option.

I first started shooting timelapse full-time in 2013, and have crafted shots for clients all around the world. My work has featured on by many major outlets, including Audi, BBC, Channel 4, and many more.

Timelapse is not only my specialty, but also my passion.