I know how tempting it can be to press that big red button. So as a reward for your curiosity, I have selected a few of my favorite images for you to download - for free. Just click the images to download them in high-res.

I have included the story behind each image, so you can learn a little bit more about me.

Print them off, use as a desktop background, do whatever you want with it. Just please don't resell it, or use it for commercial purposes.

Los Angeles Skyscrapers

In early 2017 I visited California, purely to see a talk by my favourite author (Tim Ferriss). Whilst I was there, I spent some time travelling through the state capturing timelapse.

I love walking around major metropolises at night, searching for angles and trying to capture the pulse of the city. Each night that I was in LA, I would hit the streets and walk around until it felt like my feet would drop off.

I find an incredibly peaceful calm shooting cities at night. It’s as though I’m a quiet observer, sitting and watching the world go by. Even with the hustle and bustle going on around me, I can take a step back from it when shooting and enjoy the moment.

For me, LA was an incredible city to capture. There are vantage points everywhere, high and low. I think I could go out night after night for months on end, and still find new angles to capture.

Northern Lights

Have you ever had something on your bucket list that you just HAD to tick off? For me, that was seeing the northern lights.

We booked a 3-night stay in Reykjavik, and I committed to spending every single night driving around until I saw them.

A few hours in on the first night, we saw a little trickle of them in the night sky. A faint green cloud appeared, slowly moving across the sky. Sure it was impressive, but it was far detached from the colourful timelapse videos we see online.

We carried on driving around for a few hours, until someone noticed the lights starting up again. Quickly jumping out the car, the lights suddenly blossomed into a full display. Slowly pulsating and changing, with purple tints shimmering along the bottom.

It really is hard to describe just how incredible it is. You just stand there staring up, gobsmacked that such an incredible feat can happen naturally. I imagine those lights must have inspired many for thousands of years.

The Blanket

Something about natural feats of nature astounds me, and seeing a cloud inversion was also high on my bucket list.

I had spent months watching the weather forecast, waiting for the perfect combination of pressure systems and weather patterns. I camped out over 8 nights, hoping to see a cloud inversion in the morning.

Yet, I was never lucky enough to see one.

The one night that I camp out without even considering a cloud inversion, was the night that it arrived…

I walked through a foggy morning to ascend a nearby hill, and couldn’t believe my eyes when I started to emerge from the top of the fog. Each valley was coated in a thick blanket of fog, leaving only the highest peaks sticking up. Each looking like a little island floating on the fog.

I feel really lucky to be able to capture events like this, forever immortalising them. Yet, there are still so many places and natural events that I would love to see…